Hurdle provides an inspiring and visceral look at the next generation of Palestinian youth living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The characters, separated from one another and living in the shadow of the Israeli separation wall, are united in their pursuit for self-determination. In an unexpected turn, the characters utilize the sport of parkour and the documentation of daily as tools to attain personal and political freedom. In a world with towering walls and constrictive checkpoints, the characters must bury self-doubt in order to lead their communities through a dramatic year of political and violent conflict.

With breathtaking visuals, amazing access and action-packed scenes, Hurdle provides an edge-of-your-seat look at an old conflict in the new era. From gunshot wounds and arrests, to brotherhood and faith, the film navigates the politics of the region through the first-hand experience of the characters, revealing a deeply personal and human investigation of the lives of the Muslim youth of Palestine. As walls fill the global conversation and the politics of Israel and Palestine shift in the Trump era, Hurdle gives audiences a timely and important look at two individuals striving to overcome obstacles to their freedom.

About the filmmakers:

Michael Rowley - Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor || Dallas, TX

Michael Rowley is an emerging documentary filmmaker who has worked in the commercial film
industry for nearly a decade. Founding the film production company Fold Studios in 2012,
Rowley has demonstrated the ability to apply his technical skill and honest approach to
transform challenging subject matter into impactful narratives. The result has been partnerships
with NGO’s focused on conflict resolution, Grammy-Nominated artists and human rights
organizations with international impact. Hurdle will be his documentary feature directorial
debut. Rowley co-founded Theo Media, LLC in 2016 and currently resides in Dallas, Texas.


Remoy Philip - Producer || Brooklyn, NY

Remoy Philip is a New York City based editorial journalist and creative producer. His work has
taken him around the globe telling stories of underserved and marginalized people groups,
resulting in humanization and audience activism. Philip co-founded Theo Media, LLC in 2016.


Andrew Brown – Producer || Dallas, TX

Andrew Brown is a Dallas-based marketing and business professional. He is the winner of 7 Telly awards for his
work as a director and producer.