from the Director of Hurdle


Thank you for visiting Hurdle's website and also taking the time to take a more in-depth look at the film. The past two years has been an incredible journey that has led us to this point. We are officially done with production and are in the post-production phase of this documentary feature film! We couldn't be more excited about the story we've been able to capture and are getting to share in the near future. Until then, I wanted to give you more information in regards to the who, what, when, where and why of Hurdle. 

In the 50th year under military occupation, Hurdle depicts a group of resilient Palestinian youth coping with the reality of living in an environment surrounded and separated by walls. The youth find a sense of self-determination and freedom through creative resistance. From the acrobatic sport of parkour to documenting their daily lives behind the lens of a camera, they use their creativity to overcome obstacles — both literal and figurative. From gunshot wounds and arrests, to brotherhood and faith, the film humanizes the unpredictable hardships experienced by many Palestinians. Providing a look into the depth and layers of masculinity within Palestinian culture, the film reveals a present intimacy and vulnerability often missing from the dialogue surrounding this conflict. In addition, the metaphorical resonance of parkour in a world of walls conveys an old story through a new lens — one where obstacles are not seen as limitations, but as opportunities for freedom.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the source of human rights abuse and violence for decades. This century-long conflict has brought with it 50 years of military occupation and a large-scale loss of human freedom, security and dignity throughout the region. A major hindrance to peace negotiations has been the continued restriction on Palestinian movement. With walls that surround entire communities, unpredictable travel restrictions and military checkpoints as a part of daily Palestinian routines, this lack of freedom is a key issue that instigates dehumanization and violence.



Approximately 10 years after the construction of the Israeli separation barriers, the argument can be made that Israelis are less safe and Palestinian suffering has increased exponentially. Not only is this situation an important, ongoing human rights issue in Israel/Palestine, it is also a cautionary tale about similar actions that are surfacing in popular political dialogue around the world today.

Hurdle is an opportunity to help a diverse audience connect on a human level with a community that is underrepresented and at times demonized in the mainstream narrative. We are honored to show our Palestinian subjects resist injustices not with violence, but with creativity and determination. For Palestinians, and all those who may be in similar situations of restriction, we are excited to share an inspiring story about how creativity and personal expression can be a powerful form of resistance. Through the lens of Parkour, a sport built on the fundamental idea that obstacles are opportunities for creativity and growth, Hurdle will explore the themes of freedom, peace, and how humans can respond with resilience when facing a lack of freedom.


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With Gratitude,

Michael Rowley

Director || Hurdle 



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