Help us distribute Hurdle!

As our early-2019 World Premiere approaches, we're busy working out all of the details to help Hurdle be seen by as many people as possible. And today we’re excited to announce that we are partnering with the crowdfunding platform Launchgood to make that dream a reality.

Launchgood is a platform built for crowdfunding incredible projects that specifically involve the global Muslim community. Hurdle is humbled and excited to be one of the first feature length documentaries to be funded on Launchgood.

Your support on Launchgood will go directly towards building a larger international audience for Hurdle — creating a global and meaningful impact on the conversation of Palestinian’s rights. We’re humbly asking for your help to make sure that this powerful film reaches as many eyes and ears as possible.

Part of the funds will go towards hosting screenings of Hurdle in the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem. We are incredibly excited to show the inspiring heroes of Hurdle on the big screen right in the middle of their community - inspiring hope and resilience in the face of daily struggles.

You can support Hurdle on Launchgood at this link:

Please check out our campaign and share with your friends!