What A World Premiere!

Three years ago Michael, Andrew and myself started making Hurdle. What started with emails and ideas and even questions, materialized into a tangible, watchable, feature-length documentary film. Like a film you can actually watch in a theater. It felt like a dream. But there’s photographic evidence that proves that it really happened.

photo by Nat Chittamia

photo by Nat Chittamia

On April 12, 2019 Hurdle had it’s world premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival where we shared Hurdle with a sold out crowd. Afterwards, the whole production team got the opportunity to answer the audience’s incredibly thoughtful questions. We got to follow that up with a party that lasted into all hours of the celebratory night.

But it wasn’t just the premiere. In the lead up to April 12th, Hurdle received an amazing amount of press. The Texas Observer and Film Threat gave Hurdle powerful reviews. The photo blog FStoppers shared the story of Mohammad, one of Hurdle’s protagonists, on their blog. The Texas Standard sat with Michael Rowley and did a radio style recording where Michael shared the story behind Hurdle. Michael was also interviewed live on the Dallas Morning News to talk more about what inspired to make this film. See more Hurdle press below:

The Hurdle story is nowhere near over. Actually, it’s just getting good. Hurdle has more festival stops throughout the year. We have awesome new Hurdle swag—posters and shirts—on our store. Their are Middle East screenings being scheduled as I type. If you want Hurdle screened near you, send us a screening request.

The Hurdle world premiere was an incredible success. We are all so humbled and excited to have shared Hurdle with everyone who attended. We want to thank everyone who made this possible with all your support and belief. We can’t have made this powerful story without you. And we’re proud to continue to do this incredible storytelling with you.

- Remoy Philip, Producer